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Unity Productions (The Living Statues)

Art is still alive & vital to the human experience, yet how often is it encountered today? Must art be passive … simply something to observe from a distance, be given a nod of the head, then on to the next piece? In the 21st century, should great, moving performances be confined to darkened theaters, digital downloads or comedy clubs?
At Unity Productions, the answer is a clear and resounding “NO!”
Under the care and creative guidance of Serge Dulac, four unique art genres - Sculpture, Acting, Commedia Dell’ Arte & Street Theater - combine to craft a singular magical experience. These dynamic and copyright-protected shows have entertained countless individuals from international diplomats to Hollywood divas, from corporate icons to giggling kids, from radiant brides to theme park veterans … and they all come away thrilled & amazed. Never compromising, always innovating and continually striving to reach a new level of connection with the audience, there honestly is no ‘living statue’ experience that even comes close to The Original Living Statues®.

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