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Adventure Island

Inspired by Key West's laid-back atmosphere, Adventure Island - Busch Gardens' Water Park invites you to relax and enjoy the delights of soaking up the sun in the water or on shore. Located just more than an hour from Kissimmee in the Tampa Bay area, this water park offers an array of amenities, rides and attractions.

If you're looking for thrilling experiences, don't miss Riptide, Florida's original Four-Lane Mat Slide, where you can race alongside three other people, each inside their own enclosed tube. Another great option for those into water attractions is the Aruba Tuba, a twisted slide ride that's fast, wet and a whole lot of fun. The Calypso Coaster is an open flume ride that spills out into the Rambling Bayou River - the calm after the storm. Caribbean Corkscrew is water slide that swirls you through 230-feet of intertwined translucent tubes formed as a corkscrew.  At the Everglides slide, you'll hop on a floating toboggan and speed down a 72-foot watery incline. Key West Rapids slide takes you on tube of more than 700 feet with twists, turns, speedy slopes, gushers, water mines, pools and showers before landing in a splash pool.

True to its name and holding up to four passengers, the Colossal Curl is mega slide delivers a high-adrenaline, action-packed adventure, making it the ultimate family thrill slide and adding to the waterpark's unrivaled combination of corkscrews, waterfalls, high-speed thrills and tropical, tranquil surroundings for guests of all ages. 

Adventure Island also has surfing experiences in its 17,000-square foot wave pool. Every few minutes, you'll be treated to rolling surf with waves up to five feet high. For the little ones, Fabian's Fun Port is a scaled-down destination for water fun where everything in it is sized just right for smaller kids. There's a mini wave pool, bubbly springs and jumping jets and a water-friendly jungle gym.  At Paradise Lagoon you and your family can jump off a cliff or swing on a vine in this 9,000-square-foot slice of heaven.  For those into relaxing mode Rambling Bayou is the perfect way to take a break from the excitement and still keep your cool.

You're just minutes from making incredible family memories when you stay in Kissimmee, with resorts, hotels and vacation rentals near all of the Orlando, Florida theme parks and attractions and a short drive away from the Tampa area.

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